I have a select consultancy, offering my services to organizations, executives and managers that feel I can help them to effect positive, creative and lasting change. My approach produces results by using objective analysis, calling upon my years of experience, and by assisting you and/or your leadership and management team in arriving at your own diagnosis and designing your own solution(s).

Sometimes the proposed approach or strategy will be entirely new (here, my transferable successes in countless other organizations will be highly useful). Sometimes it will be the reconfiguration of a proven strategy to be used in novel or different applications.

I am also very skilled at “playing you back to yourself,” so to speak—helping you see how you, your leadership behavior, management strategies and/or style are perceived by your own people and, where appropriate, by other stakeholders and outside constituencies.

My services are provided with complete confidentiality. Should we decide to work together, we will come to an agreement regarding the extent, parameters and duration of our collaboration which should last only for so long as we both feel it is adding real value for you.

If you would like to have a conversation or have a question, click on “Contact” and send me an e-mail.