How to Recognize and Cultivate Leadership and Talent in Your Organization

How to Recognize and Cultivate Leadership and Talent in Your Organization

Are you inviting and cultivating leadership and talent within your organization for today and tomorrow?  Or are you relying on outdated models of success? These are questions leaders around the world face while striving to prevail in an increasingly complex, global business environment.

Lewis M. Rambo, Ph.D. has identified the keys to developing excellence in leadership and the management of talent. He regularly works with clients on critical areas such as adapting strategy and operating models to creating realistic pipelines for identifying leaders and talented individual contributors that will better position their organizations for success in the twenty-first century.

Those who want to achieve leadership and talent excellence must therefore answer critical questions:

  • What are the implications of our strategy for the types and locations of individuals who are prepared to lead effectively in the new century?
  • What are the optimal operating models for identifying and developing high-performing, adaptive global leadership teams?
  • Which forecasting, succession planning, career development, and capability acceleration programs produce robust leadership and talent pipelines to match the specific growth agenda in the necessary time frames?
  • What mix of employer brand, diversity profile, and innovative social-media and advocacy marketing will help us become a “talent magnet?”
  • In what ways can we mold the systems, processes, and infrastructure necessary to support ongoing talent advantage while achieving a measurable return on our investments in these areas?

Rambo can offer innovative, practical solutions that enable clients to secure sustainable global leadership and an advantage in attracting and retaining outstanding talent.