Running a business or organization successfully has never been a “cake walk.”

These days, the inside and outside landscapes change with such blinding speed that it is increasingly challenging to keep up, stay focused, and plan ahead, especially when it is all but impossible to predict what will be on the next horizon.  

My expertise is in helping you gain a deeper understanding of your needs. I am skilled at challenging you to ask yourself tough questions and then to help you carefully analyze your existing organizational and staffing environments for their ability to support your vision, goals, objectives and, yes, dreams for the future. 

Using my years of experience working with businesses, not-for-profits, governments, and educational institutions all over the globe, I have become skilled at guiding and assisting clients with developing plans and processes to improve, strengthen, and, when necessary, streamline their pathways to achieve more productive, satisfying outcomes.  

I have also learned to recognize when it is time to look for additional resources and know when to recommend that other experts should be called in to help with moving past unexpected roadblocks.

I am determined to help you learn to better navigate on your own. The best, most creative recommendations, suggested strategies and/or proposed initiatives are worthless if you are not able to implement. That is why I try to incorporate training, skill building and professional development as a major component of my consulting engagements.

Face it, we all fail to see things that are there but ignored or buried in the blur of the day to day grind.  

Sometimes, simply a Fresh Set of Eyes can make all the difference.